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Obviously, we are under-performing compared to what our goal should be.The next step would be to dig down in this specific KPI to a more detailed analysis.Under Swedish law, rape doesn’t have to include intercourse, but can be an act considered equally violating.Samstrom admitted coercing the teens - all under age 15 at the time - but denied his actions constituted rape.If we up /patient that would be an additional 6.20 a day in production or let’s say 5/day in production. Can Hygienist #2 really say “I can’t get to 5.31 patients a day! ” when you can easily show them that Hygienist #3 gets there.

A 41-year-old Swedish man was convicted of rape and sentenced to 10 years in prison on Thursday for coercing young teenagers in Canada, Britain and the United States to perform sexual acts in front of webcams by threatening them or their families.In this example, Hygienist #3 was just better at recall and Hygienist #2 was better at upselling/cross-selling.Cross training can be done between staff and if you do the math of an additional /patient for two of the hygienists and an additional a day for two other hygienist, this practice could add another ,000 month by just cross-training.The court noted he also drank “large amounts of alcohol.” The Swedish case came to light when Samstrom was being investigated for another alleged sex crime and police found videos at his home of girls speaking English.Swedish investigators contacted counterparts in Canada, Britain and the United States, who located 18 of the 26 girls and interviewed them.

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