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Instead of just hooking up with a computer program, you are designing a character and having it interact with a character designed and operated by another user. You watch a movie (in this case, a BDSM-themed story of love and betrayal) and when prompted, you click to remove items of clothing or to "punish" the main character. With a paid membership you get access to an entire world of choose-your-own-adventure type games.

These are story-based role-playing games that also happen to have sex in them.

The best thing about an online sex game is how it feeds into fantasy, allowing you to be anyone or in some cases, anything.

If you're curious about how they work and which one could be right for you, I've rounded up 5 of the best FREE online sex games, to keep your perviness from breaking the bank. 3DSex Villa This would've been teenage me very happy.

You can even hook up your own sex toys to your computer for use during this online sex game, making it a full sensory experience. But, given that you're meeting each other as your cyber avatars, make sure you get real pics fast so you know who you're dating. The General's Daughter While the first two items on our list are RPGs (role playing games), this one is a little different.

That said, if you're looking for a story, you won't find it here. Red Light Center The most appealing aspect of Red Light Center is that you are playing with OTHER people. The General's Daughter is just one interactive movie offered by Studio Fo.

Because I was a horny teenager, I loved getting my Sim to date and kiss. Who needs straight-up porn when you can have straight up porn THAT IS ALSO AN INTERNET SEX GAME?

That's why discovering online sex games was such an amazing revelation to me.

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