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Life isn’t a episode: You shouldn’t hit on anyone you could also fire.There’s a reason why 99 percent of companies with workplace romance policies forbid this kind of dating, according to the Society for Human Resource Management.“Maybe [they’ve been told] they’ll get a raise or will get promoted.”Plus, if things don’t work out, it’s most often the lower-level employee — usually a woman — whose career gets derailed.

Don’t perch on the edge of your colleague’s desk and ask them why they’re single.

But in a post-Weinstein world, we’re finally looking at it under a microscope.

Even lower-level employees, those who consider themselves “good guys,” are guilty of unwanted behavior at the office.

Until the robots come for our jobs, office romance will exist.

Thirty-seven percent of people have dated a colleague, according to a recent Career Builder survey.

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