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The presence of an uncrossable road next door to the woefully-designed arrivals hall is just one reason for this place to be completely overhauled. 8) Strahov Stadium, Prague 6 Tram: Malovanka; bus Stadion Strahov The Strahov stadium was once the largest-capacity sports arena in the world, and although it was designed in the First Republic, its association with the enforced sporting festivities known as the Spartakiady mean that it’s forever linked with the offensive Communist regime.

Its crumbling structure is now a testament to those bad old days.

The city of a hundred spires, the Golden City, the jewel of Bohemia….

For some, though, including CNN – who placed it fourth on their list – this gigantic rocket launch gantry ranks among the ugliest structures in the world.

It’s a particular kind of ugliness, which, depending on your point of view, is either exacerbated or softened by the addition of David Černý’s black babies.

In an attempt to make the place a more viable tourist attraction, the interior of the tower is currently being given a major overhaul, with top interior designer Julia Wimmer responsible for a makeover of the tower’s restaurant and other public spaces. 4) Kulturní dům Eden, Vršovická, Prague 10 Tram stop: Slavia In the 1930s, there was a pleasure park here with five miles of waterways, a helter skelter, and an entire Abyssinian village (presumably to give adventurous Praguers a taste of life in ‘the dark continent’).

9) Hotel Don Giovanni, Prague 3 Metro or tram: Želivského This top-heavy postmodern galleon of a building just doesn’t know where it’s going: arabesque lanterns top a kitsch attempt at a mediaeval fortress, and the whole thing (like the Palladium centre) is done in what has been described as a schmaltzy pink.

Its exposed location, deliberately chosen for ease of public transport, makes it visible from great distances, but the worst thing is the building’s proximity to Prague’s very own Cemetery Road.

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