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at the mirror that had reflected the face of the little orphan, with her unwritten child's forehead, who had cried herself to sleep there that first night so long ago. with Susan Baker again knitting mysterious bootees at Ingleside. "It's real good to have you home again, Anne, that's what.

I even stopped to watch the willows upside down in the water as we always used to do. it would hurt me so if I ever came back and found it had forgotten me. that does make me feel a bit old." "Trees are like children," said Mrs. "It's dreadful the way they grow up the minute you turn your back on them. "Look at those pointed firs coming out against it . And it's wonderful to see the moon rising over the Haunted Wood again." "It looks like a great big piece of gold in the sky, doesn't it? Lynde, feeling that she was taking a wild, poetical flight and thankful that Marilla wasn't there to hear. and the birches in the hollow still holding their arms up to the silver sky.

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