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Comments: Could it be that the Helen Hansen I saw on the homepage is the same Helen Hansen who used to live in The Heights east of Astoria?

The Helen Hansen I haven't seen since sophomore year in high school when we found ourselves on a merchant ship at the Astoria docks, singing songs and drinking beer with German sailors? I built that Heathkit PA amp when I was 16 and can still smell all the solder and flux smoke!!!

Comments: I went to high school with the guys and am particularly known to Bruce as he and I went to the same church where he started playing in the basement imitating Elvis with a fake guitar. Comments: Hey, Just looking in on my past and checked out Bighorn as we used to love going to the Zodiac club when you were there. I remember growing up in Nanaimo in my teen years watching and listening to the bands and attending the Battle of the Bands in Vancouver. I wonder, is there a place that one can link to do this.

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I spoke with Ron our singer last night and we will try to visit Holland soon to retrace our tour and home in Scheveningen. and I bought and listened to this record many times.

25 years go by and somebody in California wonders what happened to that wonderful sax player that came to that remote rainy town to bring entertainment and joy... You were a true friend, wonderful person and a great artist .

She left a mark on me and I'm sure many others Comments: All! Your old friends in Wells BC will always hold you dearly in their heart as I do . Jeff My husband went to High School with Leon and they did a lot of hiking together.

I recently went back 20 years and did the blast to the past and found there philosophy on life and music and friends to be true and the same Thanks again From my heart I will always wannabe your greatest fan Janis Comments: Mike was in everyone's "Who's Who of Northwest Rock and Roll" I must have been about 14 when I saw the City Zu at The Village West in Birch Bay.

I think back to what we had and the love that went into the fans and community and I really want to say.... What the world needs now is a little Dynamic Log...

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