Dating in the dark seth

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Click on the title above the photo to see many high resolution images. The wheels are carefully and accurately cut from hard rolled clock brass; pinions and arbors are cut from solid bar steel, tempered and highly polished.

The case has a gilt splat, brass finials and brass balls on the base. Only 10" tall with a 2 1/4" dial, weight driven wheel barrel movement and the same look as the full size clocks.

The fine quality movement has a deadbeat escapement, maintaining power and a large single jar mercury temperature compensating pendulum. Both the master and the secondary clocks are in mint original condition. The 2 secondary clocks are 13" in diameter with 10" dials.

89 Regulator Master Clock and 2 Bronze finished secondary clocks.

Keep up with this story and more Citing that source, Fox News said that “an FBI forensic report of Rich’s computer—generated within 96 hours after Rich’s murder—showed that he made contact with Wiki Leaks through Gavin Mac Fadyen,” whom described in an obituary as a mentor to Wiki Leaks founder Julian Assange and as director of Wiki Leaks.

The source said that sometime before May 21, 2016, Rich had transferred 44,053 emails and 17,761 attachments belonging to DNC leaders dating from January 2015 to late May 2016.

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