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Designed by Lucky Stairs Studio, a small design studio in New Zealand, the artist behind the greeting cards on the site, Duncan Monroe, decided to focus on brightly colored design and modern typography in all the free beautiful cards offered on the site.The appealing thing about Fleeting Greetings is that you can personalize and send their cards in a matter of minutes, and you can send them from your own email account.

There are several templates or stock videos to choose from and you can impose yours or someone’s face over them to make personalized videos.Another thing you’ll notice about the cards offered by Some Ecards is that they all have the same similar simplistic artwork – basic black and white sketches of people – to convey the greeting.This helps keep the cards free and is definitely a cool look for those who appreciate vintage styling.If you want to mail a greeting card, I also have a list of free, printable greeting cards for just about every occasion.Punchbowl is my favorite free ecard website because not only will you find beautiful free ecards here, their website is extremely easy to use.

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