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And I wish to tell to you at once that I do not play the Internet of game, that is do not want on vain to waste time. I wish to tell to you on a little bit about myself: my name is Elvira, me of 29 years. Russian people too like alcohol, it is not so pleasant for me. I want to inform, that I do not smoke, and I do not use strong alcoholic drinks, but sometimes I can slightly drink in the good company, but it happens seldom. I hope, you will tell about yourself more at our further dialogue. In a warm season people in the days off try to leave for city as at us very beautiful nature: a lot beautiful places which tourists visit. It is turned head from air - so is sated by oxygen. I understand that all people are different, but here in Russia women are treated in a bad way in most cases. I'm glad that I know English well enough to write letters to you. From fruit I love, oranges, apples, tangerines and a pear. I send you in this letter the photos I hope they to you will like.To me are only necessary serious, good and if it is possible strong attitudes, and still main this trust and what lie!!! I was born on October, 21st, 1977 in the city of Samara. I have mum and daddy, and younger sister who studies in institute. Now I live one in a small apartment in the city centre which I pay independently. I very much like to sew, knit, cook, read various books? To me 28 years I finished Highs school and College. I have considered your structure both it has very much liked me also I very much would want to get acquainted with you and further to have with you some attitudes. At us were kept such area which untouched nature is not present anywhere. You overlook about all problems with which you collide during work. Moreover, my sister's story proves that it's possible to find happiness through the Internet. I'm 25 years old and I feel that it's time to find a man to create a good family. I very much liked that that you have written about yourselves. I hope, that I can be the good housewife and the wife. And also I very much would like to see more than your photos, SEND me them PLEASE!!! It is very pleasant to me to see your letter because it means that in this huge world someone thinks of me.

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